Weapon Details: SIG P210

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Weapon:SIG P210
Calibre:9mm Para
First Issued:1949
Overall Length:215 mm
Weight (unloaded):970 g
Barrel Length:120 mm
Line of Sight:164 mm
Rifling:250 mm
Magazine Capacity:8 Rounds
Permission required:Ger: Waffenerwerbschein der zuständigen Polizeibehörde.
SIG P210 SIG P210
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SIG P210-1 und SIG P210-2 Schweizer Armee (Pistole 49, P49)
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The SIG P210 has been introduced in many armies and police corps around the world.
In the Swiss Army it has been named Pistole 49 (SIG P210). For serial numbers and different models of the Swiss Army model look here: Pistole 49 (SIG P210).
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