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Date: 20.09.2019
Anlass: Webseite, Edelweiss Arms (KRISS USA Inc.)
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Lot-Nummer: RCK31-850169
Weapon: Modell 1931 Carbine
Bezeichnung: W+F Bern Swiss K31 - sn 850xxx
Serial Number: 850169
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W+F Bern Swiss K31 - sn 850xxx
Swiss K31 Carbine, produced in 1945, in good condition with 70% finish. 4/5 Bore. 3/5 Stock. Stock and handguard matching serial numbers. Bolt matching serial number. Magazine matching serial number. Bore is bright with sharp rifling but there is very light pitting down the bore. Stock exhibits finish wear and other various handling wear throughout. The left side of the stock has several scratches, dark marks, and finish wear around the grip and along the comb. There is a scratch on the left side of the pistol grip. The right side of the stock has some dark marks at the grip area and scattered pressure marks at the rear. On the underside of the stock, there is a large gouge on the pistol grip and wear along the toe. There is a small unrepaired crack on the heel of the stock. Heavy wear around the butt. Handguard has a few gouges behind the rear barrel band on the top and right side, and there are two small surface gouges in front of the rear barrel band.
Receiver has a mottled finish throughout from previous rust that had been cleaned off by the previous owner. There is also edge wear around the loading slot. Bluing is thinning on the left side. Heavy patina on the rear barrel band, finish wear on the left side at the sling loop and on the underside at the mounting screw. Front barrel band has finish wear on the left side at the hinge and edge wear on the underside on the bayonet lug. Trigger plate has good bluing with light finish wear around the magazine catch. Trigger guard has light edge wear. Bluing on the magazine base is good with light edge wear on the left and right sides.
Receiver is P stamped. Soldier's tag found under butt plate.
C&R Eligible. Discreet import engraving.
The Karabiner Model 1931 (K31) is a magazine fed, straight pull, bolt action rifle chambered in 7.5x55mm Swiss Gewehrpatrone 1911 (GP11) that was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss Armed Forces from 1933 through 1958. The K31 was made by Eidgenossische Waffenfabrik Bern, a Swiss federal armory, and is one of the last carbines employed by the Swiss military that is based on the designs by Schmidt and Rubin.
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